Called an Iconic 21st-Century Storytelling-Genius,
Author/Illustrator Lance L. Palmgren takes you on amazing, unforgettably exciting journeys of high adventure through his adorable, interestingly imaginative, and wonderful book series,

Walnut Warriors® are actual walnut characters with high moral standards, courage, and inner strength. They are champions of truth, honesty, justice, and spiritual compassion. Come and share with us the adventures of the fearsome but always lovable, Walnut Warriors®!

A 7-Book Series, beginning with a Trilogy, will have you sharing the Warriors various high intensity situations, dangers, perils, and laugh-out-loud dilemmas: whether travelling with them to foreign lands or following along with them during explorations and development of more local settings, all offer the same high level  feisty adventure, delightful fun, and wild entertainment.

One additional book, unrelated to the Walnut Warriors® Series, The Adventures of Rodney the Raindrop is also offered by Lance and will tell you a unique
and beautiful tale you will surely love!

Let this book collection amuse,
entertain, teach, and inspire you in different ways
as you share the thrilling exploits, heroic acts and feats, of the always lovable, Walnut Warriors®.