Book 1 of Trilogy

The Walnut Warriors® (In A Nutshell)

Lance L. Palmgren’s debut book, The Walnut Warriors® (In a Nutshell) Book One of the Trilogy within a 7-Book Series – introduces the Walnut Warrior characters.

In discovering the Warriors' typical, homeland enemies, you will meet the dreaded silver-haired, bushy-tailed, walnut eating beasty; the black, multi-footed, hairy foe; and, the huge spongy worms. Come; enter the thrilling, wonderfully exciting world of the lovable Walnut Warriors® and experience fiercesome battles and victories.

The Walnut Warriors are fearsome but lovable nuts. They live in a secret place deep inside the Misty Forest on and inside a huge, extremely old walnut tree. The book describes their lifestyle and home-life, their location, perils, friends, and typical enemies. It also sets the stage for the forthcoming adventures in Books Two and Three of the Trilogy.