Book 4

The Walnut Warriors® GO TO THE DRAGS

Get ready to start your engines and roar into the exciting world of drag racing with the group of mixed nuts in The Walnut Warriors® GO TO THE DRAGS.

The Walnut Warriors are fearsome but lovable nuts who live in a secret place deep inside the Misty Forest. In the prior Trilogy, two exciting Secret Missions were completed successfully by the Warriors. To bestow upon his loyal Warriors and new nutty-friends, much deserved appreciation, King Nut, IV decreed, for the enjoyment of all, an entertainment facility be built. Utilizing CashShoe guidance and their technological talents, the first attraction -- a raceway where custom-built Walnut Warrior Race Cars, sporting custom-built engines, competed against each other -- set CashShoe designer-nuts happily to work. Created were necessary specifications for the Drag Strip and the production of Exhibition and Alcohol Funny Cars; Top Fuel Dragsters and Jet Cars. Walnut Warrior Laborers followed the blueprints precisely.

While following construction of various racing machines, spectators learn interesting facts; such as, types of various racing fuels. Courageous Warriors exhibit amazing driving skills while experiencing the perils of drag racing. Dangerous thrills and edge-of-your-seat excitement; blurring-speeds, crashes and engine explosions will electrify reader imaginations.