Book 5

The Walnut Warriors® MOTOCROSS !

Under a clear, sunny sky, early arrival spectator Nuts eagerly and excitedly began to fill the Grandstand: every other Misty Forest inhabitant followed. It was opening day for the First Annual Walnut Warrior Motocross Race. Anticipation electrified the air; cheering and shell clacking wafted over the track and into the Pits. Walnut Warriors were kick-starting their machines to slowly roll toward the line-up at the Starting Gate.

Prior the start of the race, over the megaphone, Nick Nutley, the Announcer, boomed a fond Welcome Greeting to all and proceeded to discuss the racing rules and 'dicey' track conditions: steep hills, long high jumps, deep triple ruts, off-camber hairpin turns, and whoop-de-doos. As if that were not thrilling enough, there were several highly dangerous sections of track unrevealed to the spectators. . . these hazards would only be fully described as racers approached each peril or menace. Nutley secretly wondered if any riders would actually be able to finish the race. He solemnly reasoned any elsewhere but the courageous Walnut Warriors would have no chance.

Riders braced, slightly hunched over their handlebars; engines screamed with clutch levers-in, front brakes held, and throttles wide-open – all waiting the last seconds before the Starting Gate dropped – no rider dared blink.

Readers, emotionally exhausted, discover which Riders and bikes, if any, conquer all obstacles and cross the triple-jump Finish Line. They won't tell, will you?