Book 6

The Walnut Warriors® (Go Monster Truckin’)

Following instructions of the next Secret Mission Scroll, the noble Walnut Warriors® embarked on an adventure far from the safety of their Misty Forest homeland: A trek truly into uncharted, extremely rugged territory; and, farther on into, perhaps, a perilous unknown. Aware menacing obstacles may await the courageous explorers, clubs were kept at the ready, in hand.

Traversing perilously deep terrain fissures, dangerous rocks and huge boulders many times the size of the Warriors would have been impossible, had the Secret Mission Scroll not warned of the need to create and build suitable all terrain vehicles; thus, the creation of (with, of course, CashShoe technological assistance) Walnut Warrior Monster Trucks.

Yes, indeedy, successful all terrain vehicles were created; BUT, WHAT ABOUT RAGING WATERFALLS AND TREACHEROUS, SCALY, GREEN-LOG BEASTIES? Could the Warrior Monster Trucks cope; could the Walnut Warriors survive? What of a possible treasure discovery? Readers know, will you?

Accompanied by the Author's fully-colored illustrations (referred to and coined by Lance as technical cartooning), The Walnut Warriors® ( (Go Monster Truckin') is a treasure trove of fun and adventure, seeded with nuggets of wisdom. For children of all ages, an excellent choice of reading material for parents who want to make storytelling and reading as educational as it is entertaining.