Book 7

The Walnut Warriors® (In Outer Space)

In this final (?)* volume, The Walnut Warriors® (In Outer Space), you will witness huge, roaring meteorite fireballs, falling from the sky and randomly careening into and throughout the deep Misty Forest. Each fireball lands with a boom and ignites a fire — the most dreaded enemy of the Walnut Warriors and their precious Walnut Trees.

King Nut,IV, his faithful Warriors and the befriended CashShoes, which are known for their technical expertise and witty inventions, frantically work on a plan to determine the origin of the fireballs. The Warrior AstroNuts hope to find, in outer space, the menace that is creating life threatening meteor showers that rain down on their Misty Forest, starting alarming fires. They must figure a way to stop them, or it, before the entire forest burned – roasting all the nuts. Will the AstroNuts find the perpetrators, discovering who they are; better yet, what they are, and save the forest?

In the Walnut Warriors series, Palmgren has written a unique saga that is essentially based on his actual life experiences. The storyline’s premise not only involves the proverbial triumph of good over evil but also teaches the readers tolerance, respect and the value of character differences—sociologically, physically, and intellectually.

*(Psssssst! Author/Illustrator Lance L. Palmgren whispers that, as works in progress, he currently has 3 more Walnut Warriors® stories on his drawing board: The Walnut Warriors® Meet Bigfoot; The Walnut Warriors® Rock Band; and, The Walnut Warriors® Deep Sea Dive. Watch for them in 2014 along with his anticipated Walnut Warriors® Floor Game and collectible Action Figures.)